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Cut time in half with the touch-typing method

In many professions, the keyboard is the most important input device. Mastering touch-typing can save much time and reduce costs by typing quickly.

A matter of simple arithmetic shows what positive impact it can have on your time account when the touch-typing method begins to take effect.
Suppose you are using the keyboard with the two-finger ‘hunt and peck typing-method.’ In this way, you create about 15 words per minute – which are 80 strokes. With touch-typing, it is possible to double your typing speed to 160 strokes – and this is ‘relaxed’ touch-typing.

Let’s assume you work on the computer for three hours every day. Thanks to touch-typing, you can cut time at least in half with the touch-typing method, saving one and a half hours every day. At 22 working days a month, those are an impressive 33 hours a month, projecting to eight weeks within a year. This would add up to saving many more hours per day, of course if you type more.

So here’s the good news: fingerLINK teaches this time-saving ability within just one day!®* According to a fingerLINK survey of over 300 employees in medium-sized companies® teaches this time-saving ability within just one day!

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