Everybody said: it will not work.
Then someone came who
didn´t know it and just did it.

Author unknown

Learn to type professionally in just a few hours

- with brain methods adapted to touch typing

Today, mastering the touch and type method fluently is a distinct advantage in your career, studies, and even at school. Whether for business or private use - in the age of E-mail & Co., once you throw the famous hunt and peck typing overboard, time-saving is enormous.  So, how would it be if you could learn to touch type in just one day – in fact, without looking at the keyboard?  

After you took the intensive training, we would help you to keep at touch typing and to increase your writing pace continuously. With its touch type training, the advanced typing trainer fingerLINK® online offers professional learning and training possibilities!  fingerLINK®

fingerLINK® fingerLINK® uses the so-called mnemonics for their method of learning to touch type. You learn touch typing through stories associated with ten fingers. Typing boring letters columns - that was yesterday. All fingerLINK® ®users experience what brain research has confirmed for years: brain-friendly learning needs images, emotions, sounds, and the joy of learning! fingerLINK® ®seminars can be conducted in German and English.

In-house company seminar

One-day in-house training to learn touch-tying. You choose the date and location. Regular and free coaching via live online seminars (webinars).

fingerLINK® Online seminar

Learn touch-typing quickly and easily online - at home or your workplace. Learn flexibly and independently at your own pace. Time-saving and cost-effective.                

First-class credentials

Well-known clients from various industries and nations have been benefiting from our expertise in our professional fingerLINK®seminars since 2007.      

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