Are you quick enough?

People often think they are quick enough at typing without having to learn how to touch type. As a Touch-Typing Tutor, this got me pondering on just how much time people are unnecessarily wasting with their “hunt & peck” technique. I must admit, even my clients were shocked by the results.


A fast two-finger typist typically types between 80 and 120 characters per minute maximum. Compare that to a touch-typist’s output which can reach between 350 and 450 characters per minute – that’s a huge difference. But let’s break this down further: 

Increased Speed

Even if you only increased your speed from 80 by double to 160 characters per minute, you would type the same document in half the time. So, if you spent a fairly conservative estimate of say two hours per day responding to emails etc. that’s equivalent to finding an extra, golden hour which you can use to focus on more pleasurable pursuits. Think about how that hour saving adds up over time: 

1 extra hour per day 5 days per week = 5 hours 

46 working weeks per year = 230 hours 

Divide 230 hours by 24 hours and that totals an extra 9.5 full days per year.

Without speed gain - 28 additional working days

Put this another way - If you typically work 8 hours per day, you are spending over 28 extra days on typing tasks when you don’t need to - that’s four weeks of time wasted! 

It really is surprising when you look into it, just how much time people are regularly throwing away on a daily basis without even realising it. Nobody would waste time and energy hopping to work if they were able to walk with two legs – indeed, if in a hurry they’d get a bus or drive; yet these same people use just a couple of fingers out of ten to type and throw away a month of their time every year! 

Faster to your favorite tasks

So, if you were somebody who didn’t think they would benefit from taking a touch typing course – hopefully these stark figures will have convinced you to think again! Thankfully the tools are literally at your fingertips and fingerLINK® ® can quickly teach you how to utilise them to their full capacity, freeing you up to spend four weeks or more of accumulated free time on things you’d actually love to spend your time doing! 
Do you still think you are fast enough? If not, why don't you start using fingerLINK® Change your working life? 

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