Nicole Szálasi

The founder of fingerLINK®

Nicole Szálasi had already been traveling internationally for many years as an independent IT trainer with her own IT training company before she founded the fingerLINK® to learn the 10-finger system.

And that was no accident. Nicole Szálasi herself had learned 10-finger typing from scratch. Initially on a mechanical typewriter and later as a certified Microsoft trainer on the computer, she was always able to benefit from being able to type very quickly and reliably with the number of strokes of a top secretary.

Nicole Szálasi already used mnemonics for maximum learning success in her IT training courses. When she became aware of the importance of the topic of "writing quickly with the ten-finger system", she developed a software-supported learning solution based on her core competencies with the help of mnemonics - fingerLINK® was born.

Nicole Szálasi's web-based training courses based on the fingerLINK®-method met with an enthusiastic response nationwide. When she entered the UK and US markets in 2020, she began sharing her expertise internationally.

To date, fingerLINK has® We have taught thousands of people the 10-finger system in an ingeniously simple way in just a few hours, saving thousands of hours of work! Our experienced trainers are always friendly, positive, honest, reliable and serious. What's more, all seminar participants benefit from our many years of experience and our numerous practical tips and tricks!

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