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Self-determined and clever to the 10-finger system

If you want to learn the 10-finger system quickly and easily online, fingerLINK® just right for you! Our online course is particularly suitable for self-directed learning from home or at work. You decide whether you want to invest a day in this seminar or take it a little easier.

You can master 10-finger typing within a few hours using entertaining tactile stories based on the mnemonic technique - brain-friendly learning with the fingerLINK®-method makes it possible to learn quickly. All other lessons are used for typing training to improve your writing speed.

If you wish, you can accompany this online training in our regular and free live online seminars (webinars) with a fingerLINK®-trainer. Discover how exciting and entertaining learning to write with 10 fingers can be with the ingenious mnemonic technique!

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  • 180-day access to the full version of fingerLINK® starting from the first login
  • printed training material
  • Stand-up display and coloured stickers
  • Versions: UK, US, DE.
Course description
Participants learn to link each key with a simple image; this method is based on the Ancient Greek mnemonic technique. Within a few hours, the participants will master touch-typing without having to look at the keyboard.
First-class credentials
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Well-known clients from various industries and nations have been benefiting from our expertise in our professional fingerLINK®-seminars.

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