fingerLINK® In-house company seminar

Investment in the 10-finger system working technique

It saves companies an enormous amount of time and money if employees can use the 10-finger system with confidence. With fingerLINK®-In this in-house seminar, up to 10 participants can learn to type using the 10-finger system in just one day! Thanks to the small groups, our trainer can respond individually to the needs of your employees.

You have the flexibility to choose the date and location for your event. In addition to a professional seminar, your participants will receive high-quality fingerLINK®-training materials, special keyboard stands, keyboard sticky dots and 180 days access to our fingerLINK typing trainer®online to continue practicing the 10-finger system you have just learned in the course and thus increase your speed.

We offer follow-up support for your participants in the form of regular and free live online seminars. An examination with an official certificate is also possible at a later date on request.

After this intensive training, the 10-finger system may work a little slower at first. After a short time, however, the typing speed increases enormously and the speed of the previous old typing method is perceived as unusually slow.

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