Learn to type professionally in just a few hours

With brain-friendly methods to the 10-finger system

Secure 10-finger typing is a clear advantage for employees and companies today. Whether professionally or privately, in the age of e-mail & co. Time saving really big if you throw the famous "eagle search system" overboard. So how about, in just one day, you can 10-finger writing without looking at the keyboard?

After our intensive training courses, we will help you to stick with the 10-finger system and continuously increase your writing speed. The advanced typing trainer fingerLINK®online offers you professional learning and practice opportunities for your typing training with its typing training!

fingerLINK® uses the so-called mnemonics to teach 10-finger typing. Our seminar participants learn to type on the PC by means of stories linked to the 10 fingers. Typing boring columns of letters is a thing of the past. Many enthusiastic fingerLINK® users confirm what brain research has been preaching for years: brain-friendly learning needs images, emotions, sounds ... and fun! All fingerLINK® seminars are available in German and English.

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