Do you think you are fast enough?

Many people think they are fast enough at typing without having to learn the correct ten-finger system. As a trainer, this got me thinking about how much time people waste unnecessarily with their "eagle search system". I have to admit that even my clients are amazed by the results.


A fast two-finger typist usually types 80 to 120 characters per minute. Compare that with the performance of a person who has mastered the ten-finger system and can achieve between 350 and 450 characters per minute - that's a huge difference! But let's take a closer look: 

Increase typing speed

Even if you just double your typing speed from 80 to 160 characters per minute, you would type the same document in half the time. So, conservatively estimated, if you spend two hours a day replying to emails etc., that's the equivalent of an extra "golden" hour that you could use for more enjoyable pursuits. Think about how this saved hour adds up over time: 

One additional hour per day adds up to 5 hours over the course of a 5-day week 

46 working weeks per year = 230 hours 

If you divide 230 hours by 24 hours, you will save 9.5 additional full days per year.

Without speed gain - 28 additional working days

In other words: If you normally work 8 hours a day, you're spending over 28 extra days on paperwork you don't actually need - that's four weeks of wasted time! 

If you take a closer look, it's really amazing how much time you waste every day without realizing it. No one would waste time and energy hopping to work when you can walk on two legs. Or if you're in a hurry, you could take the bus or drive. Yet these same people only use two fingers out of ten to type, wasting a whole month of their time every year! 

Faster to your favorite tasks

If you're one of those people who doesn't think they can benefit from learning the ten-finger system, then hopefully these stark facts and figures have convinced you to think again! Luckily, the tools are literally at your fingertips, and fingerLINK® can quickly show you how to use it to its full potential. Spend four weeks or more of your working time doing things you'd much rather be doing! 
Do you still think you are fast enough? If not, why don't you start using fingerLINK® Change your working life? 

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